Our world-renowned team of data scientists deliver bespoke real time, prediction-based data science solutions focusing on online user behaviour.

Our mission is to help companies harness the power of their customer data to drive better customer-centric products.


With our Audience Decision Engine and automatic machine learning pipelines, we answer the fundamental questions of the industry:

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Pre-Bid Click Verification

We built our pre-bid fraud detection in-house because we felt more could be done to minimise budget wastage. We benchmark ourselves against the industry’s leading players and continuously come out on top.

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Click Through Rate / Cost per Install Estimation

It took our data scientists billions of data points and months of machine learning to develop our world class CTR / CPI estimation product. DSPs who use this product generally see on average a 30% reduction in eCPC / eCPI for clients.

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Bid Rate Optimisation

Why pay more for an impression in the exchange when you don’t need to? We have built the industry’s first bid rate optimisation tool which ensures you pay the right price for the right impression.

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Audience Lookalike Modeling

Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms can deliver desktop and mobile audience lookalikes with unrivalled scale at over 90% accuracy.

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Audience Extensions

We provide publishers with the data science to maximise revenue whilst providing the tools to build their own data management platform (DMP) solution.

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Floor Price Optimisation

Publishers can now maximise yield from every impression they sell with our industry first dynamic real-time floor price optimisation product. With the advent of header bidding, the opportunities to maximise yield are complex, yet vital.


We’re a spinout from our latest research at University College London and our focus is on delivering exceptional data science product to improve efficiency and effectiveness in today’s ad tech landscape.

We design & build bespoke real time solutions for the programmatic ad tech community, including demand side platforms, supply side platforms, exchanges, telcos and data management platforms. Get in touch to find out more.

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Rael Cline

Co-Founder, CEO

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Dr. Jun Wang

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

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Angus Bankes

Board Member

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Dr. Shuai Yuan

VP of Data Science

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Kun Liu
Dr. Kun Liu

Data Scientist

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Thomas Marks

Senior Developer

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Davide Vitelaru

DevOps Engineer

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Andreas Gompos

Data Scientist

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Allan Brisbane

VP of Engineering

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Victor Malachard

Executive Chairman

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Our award winning data scientists research, publish & deliver world class data products

We’re proud of our world class research, consistently presenting our breakthrough research at prestigious international conferences and journals, winning awards in the process. We’re a spinout of University College London’s (UCL’s) Computer Science Department, where they are one of only a handful of universities focusing on Computational Advertising.

Our mission is to develop unique AI and machine learning algorithms to make online user behaviour more predictable and to drive business outcomes. For the more geeky-inclined, download our papers below to find out more.

Please do contact us - we'd be happy to see how we can work together.

Bidding Algorithm
Unifying 3 functions (user response prediction, bid landscape forecasting and bidding strategy) to nearly double campaign ROI.

Look-a-Like Modelling
Using a novel "doc2vec" model to improve the accuracy of look-a-like models.

Deep Learning to Estimate User Clicks/Conversions
Area Under the Curve (AUC) metric to measure the CTR performance

Feedback Control of Real Time Bidding
Stabilising Effective Cost Per Click (eCPC) whilst increasing click through rate

Dynamic Pricing - Programmatic Guaranteed & Real Time Bidding (RTB)
Up to 21% revenue increase for publishers

Real Time Bidding Technical Monograph
Overview of datasets & research problems

Publisher Floor Price Optimisation in RTB
Increase in publisher revenue of 35%

Audience Lookalike Modelling
5.5% increase in CTR performance

Optimising Cost per Action (CPA)
Up to 32% ROI for advertisers

Display Advertising Options
Revenue increase of 40% for publishers