Your partner through the AI journey

We help senior executives and product specialists from across sectors to realise the potential of AI in their business – whether you need support with customer acquisition, customer segmentation, or the strategy and infrastructure for your own in-house AI team. Made up of leading machine learning academics and business and digital experts, we are an AI consultancy with unrivalled expertise.

Working together

We first carry out a trial to demonstrate the value of AI, helping you identify where AI could help you meet your business objectives. Then we work with you to develop and implement the technology roadmap for each objective.

Stage 1: Set up

Meet your stakeholders
Agree use cases and KPIs
Review simple data
Carry out feasibility test

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2-4 weeks

Stage 2: Trial

Define solution
Map out delivery plan
Integrate data

Data acquisition
Data cleaning

Model creation
Model tuning
Model deployment

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6 to 9 months

Stage 3: Production

Fully integrated value driving machine learning solution

Case Studies

Global ad exchange

Project aim:

Use audience data to drive increased revenue and remain GDPR-compliant


Create audience segments based on user behaviour and how “in demand” they are


Addressable audience


Revenue per user

Global ad exchange

Mobile gaming company

Project aim:

Improve ad campaign targeting for customer acquisition


Use AI to identify clusters of high-conversion user IDs, based on lifetime value users as a basis from "lookalike modelling"


Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Mobile gaming company

Pet products brand

Project aim:

Increase total sales on Amazon, while reducing reliance on ad-related sales


Identify underpriced keywords to drive down CPC while ensuring relevance to still rank organically


Total sales


Ad reliance

Pet products brand

And that’s just the start of our consultancy offering. Get in touch to find out more about the strategy and tech we can bring to your business.

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